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Summer Is Almost Here by Jahan

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Posted on 03-27-2018

Summer Is Almost Here by Jahan

Cottage time is slowly approaching us again (Not soon enough though!). Is your dog ready and protected for the summer? Aside from tick/flea and heartworm protection, what else do you need to keep them safe this summer? Here are a few points to help keep you worry free this summer…

Will my dog be safe on the water?

Seems silly right? Shouldn’t all dogs be able to swim? Unfortunately, some of our four legged friends lack the ability to float let alone swim! Some example of these breeds are Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, just to name a few. That of course does not mean some of them won’t try! Life jackets are a great idea for us, our kids and our furry friends when planning to spend a day on the water. Anything can happen and it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Reflective or light up collars and leashes

Going for walks in the dark and on roads that do not have streetlights, vehicles are not expecting to see a dog on a leash. Reflective wear and leashes help minimize the chance of any accidents happening. This is true when away or at home. Also, when camping, reflective wear can help other campers distinguish big dogs from bears or other wildlife!

Your Pet's Medical History

Hopefully your pet has had an uneventful medical history and is healthy. Regardless, in case of emergency, it is always very helpful to have a copy of Fluffy’s medical history so no matter where you are a veterinarian has access to any past problems, lab work, medication lists, etc. and will be able to assess and treat your pet faster and better. It is always a good idea when camping, going to the cottage or traveling anywhere to find out where your closest animal ER is.


Pets get lost. It is horrible to think about losing your dog in the woods but it does happen and they do not know how to get home. If a nice Samaritan or animal services (the dreaded pound) does pick your pet up, your chances of bringing them home reach 100% when a chip is scanned. All of your and your Veterinarian’s information are on that chip so Fido can find his way back to you! Microchipping can easily be done during a puppy’s spay or neuter or even during a quick appointment. Microchip trucks are available in some cities as well at a discounted price. As well, when he or she is microchipped, ensure that it is registered and all of your information is up to date.

These tips are of course not limited to Hopefully our warm weather starts sooner than later

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